Bringing you back to the state of radiant health, inner-harmony and restored vitality.


Empowering you to co-create a balanced life, with profound purpose.

Take charge of your health and wellness journey today, with self-care and self-discovery tools at your finger tips!

At Inverse 1821 Pte Ltd (previously known as Awakening Touch, was founded in 2004), our primary vision has always been to empower individuals and families to achieve optimal health and wellness while achieving balance in life through having clarity and sense of purpose.


In keeping with these goals, Irene has been constantly creating more value-added alumni sessions for both her MindScape and BodyTalk graduates. She is the creator of the Destiny Compass a flagship workshop, and Qi-Shield Workshop (techniques that releases trauma and repair energy leakage), amongst the set of available courses.


In this process, we understand the critical importance of easing physical discomforts, clearing emotional blockages, reducing mental stress, and untangling from various types of human attachments including complexities of cultural beliefs and practices.

We have been helping clients to achieve optimal health so they can attain an enriched life in their career, business, family and relationships, while aligning with their spiritual pursuits.

We help you stay healthy with healing sessions that primarily include BodyTalk. (As a matter of fact, we popularised BodyTalk in Singapore and South East Asia and became the first training centre in Singapore to conduct BodyTalk workshops, trainings, and certifications since 2005.)

  • We provide you with self-help techniques at your fingertips to help you remain healthy and happy.


  • We facilitate your healing process by retrieving and releasing factors ("root-causes") which contribute to the manifestation of ailments, aches and pain, disease, guilt, and emotional wounds that might be hindering you from developing your absolute best in living congruently!


  • So you can safely heal the wounded inner child, shadows of the past, maintain peace within - without ignoring any mental-emotional components.

Together with your physical body, these healed components complete and reunite you back to becoming your complete self.

The driving force that propels our company to thrive has remained consistent over the past 18 years ~ that is seeing consistent and gradual improvements in the health and emotional well-being of our clients.

In addition to witnessing personal shifts, we are deeply honoured to be a part of the transformational changes in the quality of their families' lives too!

We support our clients' healing journey, to continually achieve growth and progress in life, through a 4-stage process:

1. Self-Care
Private Healing Sessions, BodyTalk Access and Qi-Shield Workshop(s)

Bringing your body and health back to a balanced state of equilibrium.

Our priority is to help you with improving and preserving your health. Through our consultations and training, we help you attain the balance your body requires, to aid you in the healing process that supports and  complements the treatments your doctor recommends.


2. Self-Discovery 

Qimen Consultations, Destiny Compass and MindScape Trainings

Discovering and aligning your purpose here in this lifetime.

Our priority is to help you discover what it is you are seeking, so you have greater clarity in pursuing your purpose in life. Through our consultations and training, we help you map out the journey.


3. Self-Awareness
Private Healing Sessions and Destiny Compass Training

Valuing your strengths, appreciating your weaknesses, and nurturing your authentic qualities.

Our priority here is to help you understand where you are in life, as well as to nurture the inborn qualities you have. Through our consultations and trainings, we help you realise your strengths and weaknesses. We also help eliminate energy blockages and emotional burdens from your past that have affected your subconscious mind, so you can take the next step forward.


4. Self-Mastery
Destiny Compass, Chinese Metaphysics, MindScape, and BodyTalk 

Awakening self-worthiness in your life.

Our priority here is to help you leap from where you currently are to where you want to be in life. Through the support of our consultants and trainers, our trainings help to bring clarity to your choices and direction while improving the results through strategically executing your plans with ease and peace.

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Our Mission



Your Health

Appraise your body signals and improve your health and well-being. The BodyTalk System™ allows the practitioner to listen to your body and translate the deeper messages from within, so you can heal the source of imbalances to achieve greater clarity and focus.



Your Life

Identify, prioritise and address the most important things in your life. Discover what might have been holding you back from achieving your fullest potential, using advanced BodyTalk (PaRama) and Chinese metaphysics methodologies (Qimen Dunjia). Seek the right equilibrium, regardless of which stage in life you are in.



Your Passion

Reignite your passion in deepening the understanding about yourself, your emotions and thoughts, when you truly understand others.

Learn the art of complete healing, which is not merely about eliminating symptoms but gaining wisdom from listening to what the body is saying.



Go down the path of success by unleashing your inner creativity and intuition.

Pursue your inner-calling to live a fulfilled life! Step out from living under your own shadow identity and find your way using Qimen Dunjia (Chinese metaphysics).

Align both your conscious and subconscious minds to reunite with your authentic self, using of techniques of MindScape™ and Destiny Compass, to truly know your self.



Learn practical BodyTalk Access and Qi Shield techniques to help your body's cells and systems self-regulate and self-heal.

Overcome your health concerns, rectify emotional complexities, resolve mental confusion and mend relationship issues for you, your family and the community you surround yourself with.



Align your body, mind, emotions and spirit to trust your own judgment and make decisions congruently. Get back in the drivers seat so you no longer need to seek approval and validation unnecessarily. Learn observation and self-reflection skills to recognise the threshold of your boundaries, respect own limits and honour your self-worth, for your existence matters!


Irene Khor

Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, BodyTalk & MindScape Instructor and International Speaker

Since 2005, Irene has been helping her clients to discover their unique identity (destiny), heal inner child, improve their health and wellbeing.

Every individual is unique and complex, based on their upbringing, life experiences, beliefs, attitudes and cultural background. Yet often time, we unconsciously lived by complying to others expectations and unknowingly neglected our own inner needs, and even forgot who we truly are.

Because of this imbalance and misalignment, problems begin to manifest through physical ailments (such as a recurring headache, eczema, chronic fatigue) or mental-emotional distress (such as anxiety, depression or insomnia).

Rather than treating symptoms, Irene’s approach to healing is by understanding the individual at all levels. Then support the bodymind to heal itself, by healing past trauma and re-aligning the individual to pursue their unique destiny.

By delving into the root of the problems (includes emotional entanglement, mental influences, and social conditioning), through the use of BodyTalk Protocol, allows the individual to fully heal by treating the source(s) that led to manifestation of the problem and challenges, and prevent symptoms from recurring.

,Services Provided

BodyTalk Sessions – Heal the "root-causes" of health conditions, relationship problems and overcome life challenges.

Session starts at $185.


BodyTalk-Qimen Integrative Sessions – While we heal and resolve internal matters with BodyTalk, Qimen Dunjia offers additional clarity to problems faced, while identifying potential solutions.

Guiding you to align your destiny with available external options. So you'll feel supported in your decision making process, as you journey on the path of least resistance towards your desired directions, with ease.

Sessions starts at $280.


Self-care and Self-discovery workshops are available from $147.



Gary Koh

Intuitive Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner

Gary is an intuitive Chinese Metaphysic practitioner that has been in the industry since 2017. He is passionate about and strongly believed that with the right intention and awareness, metaphysics is able to transform and improve people’s life. Over the years, Gary has accumulated his experience by connecting with people from all walks of life through his consultancy services.

Gary specializes in Bazi, Feng Shui, Qi Men Dun Jia and Date Selection where he combined both his intuition and metaphysics knowledge into his reading to provide all-rounded services.

What drives him to continue the services is that he sees life as a journey and everyone goes through different phases in life. By making the prompt and right decision, we will be able to help ourselves to transform into the better.


Services Provided

Bazi – Discover and fulfil your life destiny with a Bazi & Qimen consult for $228.

QiMenDunJia – Strategic divination reading that provides insights into your decision making and overcomes obstacles.

Feng Shui – Create the right energy flow to strengthen and enhance your luck and wealth in the living environment. A Feng Shui reading ranging between $688 - $1,588.

Date Selection – Selection of auspicious dates for marriage, job application and other important activities. Date selections are available from $188.

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