BodyTalk’s approach with diagnosis of Cancer

Philosophy of BodyTalk: the body knows what’s wrong with itself. BodyTalk practitioners are trained to find out from the body, what it requires to heal without a need diagnose or label.

What does it mean by ‘not to diagnose’?

For we still look for ‘an expert’ (allopathic or alternative) to consult and make us feel better. BodyTalk Practitioner LISTENS!

BodyTalk is a System on its own (Stand-alone) as well as Inclusive system. The system can be used as complementary in supporting work of Other Practitioners, like Western medicine when it comes to cancer treatment.

In addition to doctor’s prescription, BodyTalk helps by:

✔︎ Minimising side effects

✔︎ Support repair systems of the Immune System

✔︎ Quicker recovery

✔︎ Comfortable recovery

✔︎ Growth of new cells Other examples: chemical imbalance in brain.

Since everything is connected, body gives information if healing is required at:

✔︎ Emotional levels

✔︎ Mental levels

✔︎ Psychological levels

✔︎ Spiritual levels

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