How BodyTalk can help ease emotional outbursts (trauma).

Dialogue between Angie Png and Irene Khor about: What is BodyTalk?

✔ How it enhances recovery when integrated with other treatments (Western or Alternative therapy), or rehab activities.

✔ What simple technique can used to help release stored emotional baggage (trauma) to flow and prevent it from manifesting into a physical symptom or disease.

✔ Prevent or heal relationship issues when we do not need to vent out emotions unnecessarily on those we love (kids, pets, family).

✔ Why is making time for selfcare so important, that it can stop us from giving our personal power away.

✔ Ways we can straighten our energetic protective field (wei qi - 衛氣).

✔ Learn to cope with situations, when you felt you are helpless and have no control of your emotions; with a very simple Technique (done in 1-minute).

✔ How BodyTalk helps heal the perceptions and emotions, while undergoing cancer treatment.

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