BodyTalk System: “StandAlone” & “Open” System

Introducing BodyTalk

Irene dialogues with Sylvia Muiznieks, Advanced Senior Certified BodyTalk Instructor (CBI) and Senior MindScape Instructor.

Sylvia taught all the BodyTalk modules, and she also trains and certifies BodyTalk Instructors all over the world.

Don’t miss out on this rate opportunity where Irene and Sylvia, discusses the following:-

✓ “Why The BodyTalk System is brilliant, being a standalone and open system at the same time”.

✓ You don’t need a medical background to learn this inclusive healthcare system!

✓ The Systems guides the practitioner to reveal the ‘storyboard’ behind a symptom or disease.

✓ Wait - it gets better! See how it supports someone undergoing doctors care with cancer.

✓ Computer analogy of describing BodyTalk by Irene Khor.

✓ Wonder how a BodyTalk session looks like? Watch a Session Demonstration. For enquiry and class schedule, visit us at

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