Listen to Your Symptoms

Understand the wisdom your body attempts to convey to you.

30th September 2021 (Thursday)
7:00pm to 9:00pm
Far East Plaza, Singapore
$6 *

Due to limited seat capacity, registration is compulsory.


Discover the hidden-wisdom from your body, to reveal and heal "root-cause" of mental-emotianal stress, relationship and health challenges.

This event comprises of two segments - a presentation sharing several ways your body communicates with you and a live demonstration of a BodyTalk session.


1 lucky draw** participant will receive a FREE BodyTalk session (worth $175) during this event during the demo session segment.


The topics covered are:

  • When and how your body communicates with you
  • Every symptom is unique to the individual - NO two headaches have the same history or "root-cause"!!!
  • What "messages" or wisdom can you learn from symptoms
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Saves you time, energy, and money on trial and errors from getting rid of symptoms, which might only provides temporary relieve.

The BodyTalk System facilities your body to heal itself by healing the ("root-causes") which contributed to manifestation of ailments, aches & pain, disease, guilt, and emotional wounds that might have hindered you from being your absolute best and live congruently!


Importance of listening to your body's wisdom

Most of the time, when we're unsure about making certain decisions or when plans didn't work out the way we want, we opted to consult others (family, friend, or professional) for advise.

Overtime, we have been conditioned to conveniently seek external advise on how to remedy any situation or health situations.

Sadly, we ended-up forgetting how to communicate and listen to our body.

This departure impairs self trust and compromise body's inborn self-healing capability.

The disconnection between the body, mind, emotions, and spiritual aspects within ourselves, might potentially lead to manifestation of dis-ease and combinations of discomfort at various levels.

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Find out how you can eliminate the lingering or recurring symptoms, by understanding and healing the root of its existence!!!

Healing Wonders of BodyTalk

Listen to Your Symptoms 1

Join us and find out how BodyTalk can help you or your family members in understanding themselves or their symptoms.

1 lucky participant** will receive a FREE BodyTalk session (worth $175) during this event during the demo session segment.

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Irene Khor

Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, BodyTalk & MindScape Instructor and International Speaker

Since 2003, Irene has been training and coaching adults in personal growth and self-improvement, selfcare and self-discovery arena.

She is a regional expert in The BodyTalk System™. She has taught in countries such as Singapore, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and even the United States of America (USA).

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