Responding to your body's needs

Consulting your body's inborn intelligence to identify "root-causes" that inhibit it from healing itself, in order to treat the origins of problems accordingly.


Everyone I talk to wants to optimise their health and to live their life to the fullest

And there are so many reasons to do so:

  • To look after their family, including their children and their aged parents.
  • To achieve their career goals and be recognised by the company and the bosses for their real value.
  • To triple their business growth, so they can take a long-deserved break.
  • To earn more money, so the whole family can take a vacation.
  • To find purpose within their daily activities, while creating a meaningful impact on others' lives too.
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But herein lies a problem...

Optimal health is a byproduct, not the end goal of what people want

This means health takes a backseat while we strive for the goals we want in life.

Until our body sends strong signals that you need to rest!


These signals manifest in many ways:

  • Recurring migraines that won’t go away
  • Chronic pains that keep getting more intensive
  • Recurring infections that affect your performance
  • Sleep deprivation, disorders and frequent waking-up at night
  • In severe cases, these manifestations might even be cancer.

More importantly, some become more reliant on medication or temporary solutions, to provide immediate symptomatic relief.

Resulting in excessive reliant on taking stronger and stronger pain-relieving options to ease the physical discomfort and pain.

That includes numbing difficult mental-emotional pain, leaving shadows and trauma unresolved.

Is there really a way to end these loop, of vicious cycles of recurring symptoms?

Wouldn't it be great...

If you can tap into your own body to heal yourself internally?

Your body has the means to heal itself, just like how you heal from cuts and wounds.

Our consultations primarily use the BodyTalk™ System, and it will deactivate the overly-reactive immune system and stimulate your body’s innate healing, so you can have optimal health to build quality relationships and thrive in your business and career goals!

Seriously consider having sessions if you are:

  1. Seeking a complementary way of healing
  2. Rebalancing the body for optimal health
  3. Seeking solutions from within

Importance of maintenance sessions

When there are no immediate problems, it is advisable to get regular maintenance sessions as ‘tune-ups’.

To support the body to remain healthy and adaptable to the constant environmental changes, ongoing and natural hormonal changes in different phases of life (from infancy, puberty to menopause).

‘Tune-up sessions' support your bodymind to flow smoothly with ongoing and inevitable changes in life. In the event of unexpected circumstances, when you are caught off guard, your bodymind will be prepared to respond healthily, preventing any disruptions in your state of health.

So You Can Enjoy

  • Quality sleep ~ most basic human need and plays a huge role in self-healing
  • An Improved relationship with yourself, to enjoy quality relationships with others
  • Healthy personal boundaries (physical, emotional, social and mental) to protect yourself from being manipulated, used, or violated (voluntarily or otherwise)
  • Maintaining good health and peace of mind at all levels.
  • Proactive and practical approaches to face and handle FEAR, so you can live purposefully and Making Your Existence Matter!!!
BodyTalk Distant Session

Sessions can be conducted in-person or remotely via distance.

Find out more how distance sessions works, and what client's say on its effectiveness, compared to in-person sessions.

Consultation fees:

First Session: $185
Subsequent Session: $150
Package: $400 (3 subsequent sessions)*


A Wholistic Approach to Healthcare

Integrative Healing Sessions

The healing session offered by Irene Khor are mostly done as a stand-alone discipline using the The BodyTalk System.

Whenever necessary, Irene integrates modalities like CranioSacral Therapy,  Lymphatic Drainage, HelioSol and/or Qimen Dunjia within the BodyTalk session as dictated by the client's body (innate wisdom).

This integrative approach supports the appropriate releases that the body requires to bring about a smooth and comprehensive healing process.

The Practitioner facilitates the session by listening to your body’s own wisdom utilising the BodyTalk Protocol, to reveal the theme for the session and to identity specific parts and functions in the body that have been compromised, together with any emotional trauma that is trapped awaiting to be released and subconscious conditionings that are ready to be updated.

To fully respect the importance of your healing priorities, Irene works closely with Gary Koh together with other practitioners and consultants in their own fields of expertise.

This working relationship allows Irene to refer you to modalities that complement each other to bring you the optimal results your body needs.

We are here to support, guide and empower you towards recovery, healing, transformation, and spiritual awakening.

Clients find BodyTalk helpful to them.




Auto Immune



Asthma + Eczema (Respiratory


Cancer Recovery Support

Childhood Trauma

Childhood Trauma


Chronic Fatigue

Stiff Neck

Chronic pain



Digestive disorders

Digestive disorders

Emotional Burnout

Emotional Burnout


Fertility / Pregnancy


Hormonal Wellness (PMS, Menopause)


Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

Mental Exhaustion

Mental Exhaustion

Stress Mental

Mental Stress: Coping with Loss (Grief)



Panic Attack

Panic Attacks (Anxiety)


Stress: Anger Suppression

tress Work

Stress: Work Pressure


Teenage Rebellion


Safe and Non-Invasive

BodyTalk Sessions require no disrobing required or unnecessary physical contact

The practitioner facilitates the Session, integrating multiple healing disciplines, depending on what your body needs at that time. A session lasts 30 to 60 minutes and ends with a debrief session.

Note: The length of a session is not indicative of the quality of the session or the results that can occur, as even the simplest sessions may bring about profound and lasting changes.

Health-History intake

Health-History intake

Practitioner goes through Intake process with you, to understand medical history, health status and challenges you want to resolve.

Communicating<br>with your body

with your body

Uses BodyTalk Protocol to identify body's priority, of what needs to be remedied and balanced within session.



Repair mis-alignment, and re-construct new energetic circuit that allows natural healing process to occur.

Debrief session

Debrief session

Translating message from body to client's awareness, of what needs to be repaired, has been rectified in session, and what's next.


Irene Khor

Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, BodyTalk & MindScape Instructor and International Speaker

Since 2005, Irene has been helping her clients to discover their unique identity (destiny), heal inner child, improve their health and wellbeing.

Every individual is unique and complex, based on their upbringing, life experiences, beliefs, attitudes and cultural background. Yet often time, we unconsciously lived by complying to others expectations and unknowingly neglected our own inner needs, and even forgot who we truly are.

Because of this imbalance and misalignment, problems begin to manifest through physical ailments (such as a recurring headache, eczema, chronic fatigue) or mental-emotional distress (such as anxiety, depression or insomnia).

Rather than treating symptoms, Irene’s approach to healing is by understanding the individual at all levels. Then support the bodymind to heal itself, by healing past trauma and re-aligning the individual to pursue their unique destiny.

By delving into the root of the problems (includes emotional entanglement, mental influences, and social conditioning), through the use of BodyTalk Protocol, allows the individual to fully heal by treating the source(s) that led to the manifestation of the problem and challenges, and prevent symptoms from recurring.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does BodyTalk actually work?

The BodyTalk SystemTM is designed with a Protocol (acting as the "human-map"), that allows the practitioner to access information or memories stored within the bodymind. This information has been accumulated from the moment of Conception. 

Yes, LIFE begins when 2-cells meet!!!

Any imbalances or unprocessed information (events, un-consented expectations, and/or environmental experiences), remains stored unconsciously in the cells of the brain, organs, muscles, connective tissue, and so on. This unconsciously stored material damages not only the function of the cells, but also the pathway of communication between the affected areas. This disrupts the natural and overall processes of the bodymind, in unimaginable ways. 

Overtime, these affected areas of the body "forget" their natural function to operate optimally, which can potentially lead to health complications or subconscious limitations.

Gradually, when left unattended, they can manifest into physical symptoms or diseases, as well as emotional imbalances, by forming false beliefs, as a way to protect self from perceived harm. 

The BodyTalk Practitioner utilises the BodyTalk Protocol, as the "map" to navigate through the stored unprocessed information, to repair the faulty lines of communication.

The practitioner is guided by the client's own innate wisdom, to listen to the body to identify the priority the body needs to assist the necessary releases, while reminding the respective areas of the body to resume their original and designated functions. 

When that happens, the healing process takes place and the entire natural healing process resumes. 

What can BodyTalk help with?

BodyTalk sessions can be done remotely or via distance.

A private BodyTalk session helps you to resolve:-

  • recent ailments or physical injuries,
  • past injuries that have not recovered well,
  • a challenging phase in life that involved a combination of factors - emotional, psychological, metaphysical or spiritual (destiny) alignment - especially when the challenge was associated with past emotional trauma, subtle shock or pro-longed stress, that trapped you living-in-the past.

When there are no apparent symptoms or surface problems, it is still advisable to get BodyTalk sessions as ‘regular updates’ to maintain optimal health, release and prevent blockages, flow smoothly through different phases and transitions in life, so that you continually develop your absolute best in living an empowered life!

Can BodyTalk "treat" a certain diagnosed condition?

Energy healing methodologies, including The BodyTalk SystemTM are considered "experimental and unsubstantiated" by conventional medicine.

They are not part of any established “standards of care” or “scope of practice” in any licensed healthcare profession, including the practice of medicine. Patients are advised listen to their doctor’s advice.

BodyTalk sessions are meant to be complementary to western medications and surgical procedures by stimulating the body's natural self-healing abilities.

BodyTalk is  best used in an integrative way to speed-up the recovery process and support the body's overall ability to self-heal.

How can BodyTalk help with diagnosed condition?

Before answering this question; we shall pause to first understand, "How did that diagnosis (symptom) came about?".

The problem did not magically appear, nor will it magically disappear - even with surgery. It most likely derived from the imbalances (faulty functions and communication) as explained in the first answer in this FAQ section. 

In short, in the absence of imbalances ~ the diagnosed condition or symptoms, will not exist. Or the condition no longer has a reason to linger (when the imbalances have been resolved)!. 

Depending on the diagnosis, some symptoms require manual intervention like surgery. Some can be easily dealt with by combining BodyTalk with use of medicine, herbs, supplements, and therapeutic-grade essential oils. While other symptoms resolve best with integrating energy-based healing with self-care exercises, and allocating time for oneself, to practice some self-reflection and thereby become more self-aware. 

When BodyTalk is used independently or integrated with other methods, we support a complete healing by effectively addressing both the symptoms and causes concurrently.  

What makes BodyTalk effective?

The BodyTalk approach to health is to encompasses the “complete view” of a person and their well-being. 

It is understand that the whole person is not composed of only the body, but the domains of emotion, mind, energy body, and inborn wisdom are also included.

This understanding allows us to appreciate the importance of these relationships, how disease develops and why it is maintained when there is mis-alignment in one or more of these connections.

Rather than isolating individual symptom(s), and treating them separately from one another, BodyTalk helps to re-align each of these areas to function and communicate as a complete ecosystem. 

In combining elements of eastern and western medicine, blending quantum physics with ancient philosophy, BodyTalk facilitates natural healing and assists the body's wisdom in remembering how to heal itself again.

The effectiveness of BodyTalk lies in the approach of identifying priorities (“root causes”) by consulting the body’s own wisdom. This allows the practitioner to “accurately” identify the malfunctioning areas or where communication has broken down, and establish what specifically needs to be done to get the natural self-healing in the body working again.

Eliminating surface symptoms too quickly may compromise the opportunity for a person to understand the deeper messages that body is attempting to convey.

This may result in situations where symptoms kept recurring. Unresolved issues and conflicts can also be unconsciously being passed down from generation to generation until we understand the "real meaning" behind the issues to be resolved and the associated wisdom is acquired.

By addressing such ancestral issues the entire recovery process can be sped up and further deterioration prevented, bringing complete and long lasting effects.

What makes BodyTalk unique or different from other energy healing?

Technically speaking, BodyTalk is NOT another healthcare system or another healing modality. 

BodyTalk ISN’T designed to provide temporary relieve to symptoms quickly by using energy work or alternative natural substances.

The main and primary purpose of BodyTalk is to connect and listen to the body's wisdom to appreciate how the problem came about and why it is being maintained.

This help heal the source, to eliminate the cause from lingering. 

BodyTalk is unique, because it also allows you to:

  • Understand the source of the problem and to know yourself deeper
  • Know exactly what is required to remain healthy, as you enjoy your wealth, loved ones, and build your legacy
  • Recognise strengths and weaknesses, to prevent making similar mistakes as you grow from strength to strength
  • Prevent existing problems recurring or worsening
  • Regain self-trust and ability to make decision for your own future
  • Disentangle mental-emotional knots, burdens, and blockages to release excess baggage of guilt, fears, or self blame.
Is it dangerous?

The BodyTalk SystemTM is safe, for it is non-invasive and non-prescriptive.

NO drugs, natural prescription, manipulation or machines are required to conduct a session.

Must I disrobe during the session?

NOPE! Sessions are conducted with you fully clothed.

Infact, session can be done remotely, via distant. 

Will I go through a healing crisis?

The short answer is, NO.

Our healing approach does not subscribe to the concept of needing to experience healing crisis.

The wholistic approach of our healing sessions adopts the BodyTalk System’s philosophy whereby the practitioner consults the clients’ innate wisdom to reveal to the practitioner the priority (or agenda) to be addressed on during a session.

This implies that it is the client's body that is the one that “decides” what is ready to be healed and not the practitioner. This approach  “eliminates” the concept of a healing crisis (which is defined as “dangerous situation or breakdown of usual pattern of functioning”).

Some clients might experience releases in form of emotions like crying or a physical form, such as diarrhoea - but only if the individuals’s body deemed appropriate to symbolise “letting-go”of that which no longer serves any constructive purpose.

Are Distance sessions effective?

Distance (a.k.a remote) sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions. 

Some clients prefer to have sessions conducted remotely, for it saves them travelling time. 

And they can continue to rest at the comfort of their own bed or home during the session. 

From a practitioner point of view, some distance sessions are more effective because physical, visual and verbal distractions are minimised (especially for chatty clients!).

Is there a preferred or recommended age for a person to benefit from BodyTalk sessions?

Since BodyTalk works with the body's innate wisdom to support to maintain a balanced ecosystem (between the body-mind-emotions) at all times, a person of any age can benefit from a BodyTalk session. 

The youngest client Irene has treated was 2-days old!

The parents had been receiving session throughout the pregnancy phase. The follow-up session for the baby has been determined at the mother's session, 2-weeks prior to delivery. 

So, it is possible to help the babies "clear" any potential stress during fetal life and ensure that they adapt well to their new environment, after having lived in the womb for 9-months. 

Why is it important to listen to your own body (and not rely completely on the expert)?

Our body is designed with the intelligence that enables it to self-regulate and self-repair at all times, without our conscious effort (for example when we are sleeping).

It knows exactly what it needs - how much nutrients, water, and what hormones to secrete to protect us when it detects danger, or to make us happy when we accomplished something.

Nevertheless, due to exposure to the environment in our daily lives has been conditioned to adapt to external demands and survival needs), these natural healing and self-balancing mechanism has been compromised. 

This creates a gap which in turn creates stress in our body which then manifests into symptoms at any level - physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. 

When we seek an expert to help with the surface symptoms, the advise is given from the perspective of how to "eliminate" the symptoms, based on the person's knowledge and expertise and not from your body or story that led to that symptom. 

Having said that, it is of utmost important for true healing to take place is to listen to your own body to resolve the cause, while taking the expert advise is to ease the current discomfort.

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