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About Irene

International Speaker. BodyTalk Instructor and Practitioner

Irene Khor is an international speaker on wholistic healthcare. She is also a regional expert in The BodyTalk System™, a wholistic therapy that can treat the “root cause” of a number of combinations of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health challenges.


Since 2005, Irene has been conducting private BodyTalk sessions and teaching self-care and self-discovery courses. Her experiences allow her to help clients improve their physical & emotional health, so they can ultimately find a clear direction in life and how to go about achieving it.

She has been invited twice, by Kuam News (USA), Guam's Official News Network, to share her perspective on certain physical symptoms being a psychosomatic (aggravated by emotional stress) which can be addressed wholistically with BodyTalk, to heal the symptoms at its root, and not merely medicating to relieve the symptoms.

She is grateful for the opportunity to be invited by LetsMov8, an Active Enabler Programme (AEP) by ActiveSG in 2020.

To contribute by teaching a simple Self-help Technique, that helps with calming the brain especially during times of extreme stress when we're in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. So we can snap-out instantly from drowning in mental and emotional stress unconsciously.

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Television Interviews

Kuam News_2
LetsMov8 with Irene Khor

She is also a certified Trainer for the BodyTalk Access, BodyTalk Fundamentals, BodyTalk Fundamentals Integration, MindScape and Destiny Compass workshops. She has taught in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China and even the United States of America (USA).

Working with more than 1,000 clients and more than 10,000 students over 15 years of practise, Irene has earned her reputation as a caring, patient, kind, insightful and amazing teacher, mentor and ‘healer’ to some.


Overseas Training in Indonesia

Since 2018 she begin to create audio CD, eBooks, and eCourses compiled from her 15 years of experience into easily to follow Self-help Collections. Consisting of steps and structure, to help her clients and graduates to improve their physical health, harmonize emotional wellbeing and neutralise mental conditionings.


So they continue to feel empowered to take one simple step at a time, as they reignite their passion to eventual pursue their destiny.


Making every days feels meaningful and accomplished whether in career, business, relationship and of course supported by a healthy wellbeing and attitude.

Stranger in That Mirror_CD Cover

Audio CD (Exclusive for MindScape Graduates only)

Online Courses and eBooks

ABOUT IRENE_Her Journey 5

Why she started her journey?

How The Journey Begins

Not a lot of people are fortunate to know where they are going in life. Despite Irene’s impressive credentials, she started her journey to self-discovery with humble beginnings.

Struggling with her health issues since the 1990s, she had intense menstrual cramps, causing excruciating pain that lasts three to four, every month. The doctors could not get to the root cause of the problem and could only prescribe more potent painkillers.

However, taking painkillers only alleviate the symptoms. It would not solve the root of the problem as the cause was unknown.

For more than 15 years, the pain was a constant companion. Every month, her monthly cocktail of drugs got stronger and heavier. At the peak of the condition, she needed close to 2,000mg of painkillers and muscle relaxants, just to make it bearable. She had to take medical leave as she could not leave the house.

Natural remedies_alternative treatment

Those were the days (before) BodyTalk


She started to seek alternative treatments, such as health supplements, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and traditional herbal remedies. Some of these herbs even required her to pound, brew, and drink them with hot water!

However, none of these alternative methods worked for her. Over time, this started affecting Irene’s career as an accountant, as well as her quality of life.

She started to work in more time-flexible jobs, with self-improvement companies. They taught subjects such as Neural-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and there's where she first heard of BodyTalk from a public seminar presented by Marcio Ribeiro, as an invited guest speaker.

Irene's First Encounter with BodyTalk

Marcio Ribeirio, the founder of Awakening Touch Pte Ltd, conducted a presentation back in 2004. Like most people, Irene felt that The BodyTalk SystemTM sounded too good to be true. She did not allow herself to get too hopeful. After all, more than a decade of seeking treatment had disheartened her, but she refused to give up.

What is the worst thing that could happen if she went ahead?

She learnt that the BodyTalk sessions were non-invasive, so at most, experiencing one would be a financial loss.

But what if it worked? The 15 years of constant monthly pain could go away without taking any medication, herbs or surgical procedure.

She took a leap of faith, by volunteering herself in a demo session during the presentation and thereafter book an appointment for a private consult with Marcio.

ABOUT IRENE_Her Journey 6_Free Talk

First BodyTalk Encounter

The BodyTalk Treatment

At the end of the first BodyTalk session, Irene felt some improvement as the pains were more bearable. At the end of the third month and the third BodyTalk session, the problem was manageable such that she could finally do without painkillers that month!

What made such a huge difference, especially when so many different approaches couldn’t help her?

Marcio, the BodyTalk practitioner, discovered the 15 years of constant pain were linked to her relationship with her parents. All her life, Irene was actively sought validation, and this manifested through a physical ailment.

This subconscious need to seek approval from authority figures in her life resulted in a vicious cycle where Irene strived to get recognition from her bosses, at the expense of her health. The stress from work manifested into physical ailments, which took time away from her career.

She saw herself in a different light after that year of treatment. Instead of seeking external validation, she started to seek acceptance from within, leading her to her next journey in life.

ABOUT IRENE_Her Journey 7_BodyTalk Session with Marcio Ribeiro

First BodyTalk Session

Embarking on Her Learning Path

This experience ignited Irene’s passion as her life has changed due to BodyTalk.

She began studying the BodyTalk Modules with Dr. John Veltheim (Founder of The BodyTalk SystemTM) and other instructors such as Sylvia Muiznieks, Marcio Ribeiro, Dr. Kerry D’Ambrogio, Dr. Don Ka’imi Pilipovich, Ben Manalo, Loesje Jacob, Beverly Lutz, Kristy Kenny, and Dr. Laura Stuve in workshops that were held in New Zealand, Australia, Calgary (Canada), Florida (USA), and Singapore.

She is currently a PaRama and Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (Adv. CBP).

Before acquiring skills in BodyTalk, Irene had always been fascinated in the area of applied human psychology. She had therefore already completed the Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (MNLP) Practitioner program together with Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy certifications since 2002 and worked in the training and coaching environment for 4 years.


Her professional certifications include:

  • Certified BodyTalk Instructor
  • Certified BodyTalk Access Trainer
  • Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
  • PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner
  • MindScape Instructor
  • CranioSacral Therapy Practitioner
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner
  • Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner
  • Certified Time Line Therapy Practitioner
  • Qimen DunJia Practitioner
  • HelioSol Practitioner
  • Reiki Master/Teacher (Usui System)
BodyTalk Training Sylvia Muiznieks_Singapore 2005

First BodyTalk System Training in Singapore (2005) with Marcio Ribeiro and Sylvia Muiznieks

Her passion for wholistic healing also exposed her to other training and modalities, such as:

  • HelioSol System
  • Eastern Medicine
  • BodyEcology
  • Family/Systemic Constellation Workshop
  • MindScape (Alpha Mind) Workshop
  • Advanced MindScape
  • Advanced MindScape (Expanding possibilities)
  • BreakThrough
  • BreakThrough Practical
  • Veltheim Method Lymphatic Drainage
  • FreeFall
  • Numerology
  • Crystal for Daily Living
  • Martial arts (Qigong & Tae Kwan Do)
  • Qimen Dunjia (Chinese Metaphysics)
  • Qimen YiJing
Eastern Medicine_John Veltheim

Dr. John Veltheim (Founder of BodyTalk System) with Irene Khor

She has completed all the basic & advanced BodyTalk Modules 1, 2, 3, 4(7), 6, 9, 5-Manual Lymphatic Drainage, 8A-AnimalTalk, Advanced Practical 1 & 2, as well as Advanced Modules Integration, PaRama BodyTalk Unit 1 and Unit 2 Practicals.


She has also completed the Life-Sciences Training with IBA (MindScape & Advanced MindScape, BreakThrough & BreakThrough Practical and FreeFall) with instructors Sylvia Muiznieks, Kris Attard, Terryann Nikides and Kristy Kenny.


Because of her dedication to continually learn and upgrade her skills, she attended the latest cutting edge course (Eastern Medicine) developed by the Founder of BodyTalk , Dr. John Veltheim in Singapore in 2013. In April 2014, she traveled to Calgary, Canada to attend another specialised course (BodyEcology), which is co-taught by Dr. John Veltheim and Dr. Laura Stuve, PhD molecular biologist.


From 2018, she embarked on expanding her knowledge in Chinese metaphysics with Dato' Joey Yap, for she saw the vast potential of integrating Qimen Dunjia's Destiny Analysis and Strategic Execution with her existing repertoire of quantum-physics applications.

Dr John Veiltheim Seminar Singapore 2010

Coordinating for Dr John Veiltheim's first BodyTalk Seminar in Singapore (2010).

Irene Khor_Joey Yap

Dato' Joey Yap with Irene Khor

Walk the Talk

Irene believes that besides continuous learning, it is equally important (If not more important) for healthcare providers to be receiving healing themselves, regularly.

Being a believer of what she teaches, Irene gets regular sessions from the Founder of BodyTalk SystemTM himself, Dr. John Veltheim as well as other BodyTalk Instructors.


Session from John Veltheim (Florida, USA @ 2009)

Founder Session Intensive

Session from John Veltheim (Singapore @ 2013)


Session from John Veltheim (Calgary @ 2014)

What others say about Irene Khor

Grateful for my everyday

Great mentor, teacher and friendship

Generous with knowledge


Selfless sharing

Altruistic sharing


Thank you for the trust in me to walk 👣 your healing journey and making-existence-matter 🙏 one-step-at-a-time 👣
Also wishing you all the best in paying-it-forward in touching more lives in their transformational paths too 👍🌻
Sharing beatiful journey



Services and Courses Offered

Come talk to me if you have any existing health issues that require an alternative opinion. As an Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, I can help you with most health issues, be it physical, emotional or psychological concern.

I am also one of the pioneer trainers certified in BodyTalk in South East Asia. You can learn more about BodyTalk as well as the modality itself, to help yourself and your family!

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Need more help?

Every individual’s life experience and decisions are different. Your current state of health is unique based on your life story. Book an obligation-free phone consultation, so Irene can understand your situation and map out a suitable treatment plan for you.