5-Episodes of Dialogue between Dr. Po Li Tan and Irene Khor,  sharing critical importance of truly listening to your body. 

Dialogue with Po Li_Cover_Ep 2

Listen To Your Body (Episode 2, Part 1)

(Episode 2, Part 1): Why is BodyTalk called a healing-SYSTEM, and not a healer-modality. In this Dialogue between between Dr Po Li Tan and Irene Khor, they share what make BodyTalk is a healing-system that has a teachable structure that anyone without medical or healthcare background. The BodyTalk Protocol, consists of all the possible factors…

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Listen To Your Body (Episode 1, Part 5)

(Episode 1, Part 5): How aware are you, with your Body and Inner-voice? How would you know if your body is not feeling stress, especially when you’re not aware and even truly enjoying what you are and have been doing? Listen to Dr. PoLi sharing her experience of heart palpitations, and consulted a specialist. How…

Episode 1_4_How does you tell it's dehydrated - through bodyache?

Listen To Your Body (Episode 1, Part 4)

(Episode 1, Part 4): How does you tell it’s dehydrated – through bodyache? This video illustrates a real example of how Dr. PoLi listened to her bodily symptoms of bodyache. Besides addressing the immediate symptom, she also reflected on what had contributed to the pain and address the “root-cause” of the pain, through simple Fast-aid…

Episode 1_3_Can your body talk?

Listen To Your Body (Episode 1, Part 3)

(Episode 1, Part 3): Can your body really, really talk to you? If so, what language does it use OR HOW-TO LISTEN to what your body is attempting to tell you? Do you know how the communication takes place? And how your body convey its message to you in a healthy manner?   BodyTalk Access ~…

Episode 1_2_Have you heard of BodyTalk

Listen To Your Body (Episode 1, Part 2)

(Episode 1, Part 2): Have you heard of BodyTalk? Listening to your Body, dialogue between Dr Po Li Tan and Irene Khor. In this episode, Irene shares “What is BodyTalk” in a simplest way possible. When we break the 2 words individually, Body – Talk. Literally means our body talks to us 24/7, from the…

Episode 1_1_Accountability_Self healing

Listen To Your Body (Episode 1, Part 1)

(Episode 1, Part 1): Difference Accountability versus Responsibility (from health perspective). Accountability = Do our part and do our part WELL!!! helps our body achieve optimal emotional wellness and supports body’s self healing capabilities. Most adults can be overly responsible for others, and footing the bill or someone else’s doing or NOT doing. We would…