Listen To Your Body (Episode 1, Part 2)

(Episode 1, Part 2): Have you heard of BodyTalk?

Listening to your Body, dialogue between Dr Po Li Tan and Irene Khor.

In this episode, Irene shares "What is BodyTalk" in a simplest way possible.

When we break the 2 words individually, Body - Talk.

Literally means our body talks to us 24/7, from the moment of conception. Which means when 2 cells meet at the origin, our body has already communicating within itself, so our cells continue to grow.

Firstly the body has its own intelligence, and it know what it wants.

The question is we, human being have never been told, has never been trained that there is some intelligence inside here.

We fail to understand, we fail to listen to our body. What we do in BodyTalk is, as BodyTalk Practitioner we are like the interpreter or the translator to listen to your body.

To re-align what the head says, what the heart says, what the gut says, what your cells, and how the "lack" or broken communication internally, which had resulted in (health) problems in our lives.

Especially when we have been listening to Others' advices, opinions... etc ???

BodyTalk helps you understand what your symptoms are saying too! In other words, what is your body trying to tell you through symptoms or problems.


BodyTalk Access ~ helps your body-mind-emotions maintain a constant balance.

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