Listen To Your Body (Episode 1, Part 4)

(Episode 1, Part 4): How does you tell it's dehydrated - through bodyache?

This video illustrates a real example of how Dr. PoLi listened to her bodily symptoms of bodyache.

Besides addressing the immediate symptom, she also reflected on what had contributed to the pain and address the "root-cause" of the pain, through simple Fast-aid tapping.

Upon reflection, she also realised how she had once unconsciously conditioned her body to expect x-amount of drinking water.

And in the absence of in-availability to meet body's requirements, the body freaked out and went into stress-mode, without her consciously knowing in the first instance.

We'd like to take this experience to emphasise that, even you're not consciously aware or feeling stressed, you might not know if your body is not feeling stress.


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