Listen To Your Body (Episode 2, Part 1)

(Episode 2, Part 1): Why is BodyTalk called a healing-SYSTEM, and not a healer-modality.

In this Dialogue between between Dr Po Li Tan and Irene Khor, they share what make BodyTalk is a healing-system that has a teachable structure that anyone without medical or healthcare background. The BodyTalk Protocol, consists of all the possible factors or information that makes-up a human being:

✔ physical parts of the body (organs, endocrines, and bones...etc)

✔ energetic flow (the Meridians from Chinese Medicine concept)

✔ information from environmental factors and influence - huge contributory factors, that shapes us a lot! Who we think we are, is being defined a lot or conditioned by the environment

✔ chemical balance

✔ genetic factors that completes us human being

✔ and of course all the emotional aspects ... etc


All these various aspects is put into that Protocol that we as practitioners will use or consult. It's like a map where BodyTalk Practitioner consults to find out what is it that the person's body or the client's body is trying to tell us or what is being misaligned what internal communication that is broken.


BodyTalk Access ~ helps your body-mind-emotions maintain a constant balance.

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