Listen To Your Body (Episode 2, Part 2)

(Episode 2, Part 2): How and why is the body is the real BOSS? (Not the mind, others, and even experts)

In this episode, the dialogue between Dr Po Li Tan and Irene Khor is about How and why is the body is the BOSS?

And not the external doctor, therapist, or not even the person themselves.

Because we have been conditioned in using and over-trusting the egomind.

Not that someone is egoistic, but this logical mind (beliefs) overrides the intuitive mind (heart). The body knows, the body has it's own internal thermostat (metaphorically), call it the homeostasis.

When we hit that stressor, which when we supposed to shut down but we keep going, the body's natural switching mechanism is compromised.

BodyTalker help their client listen to their body, as a neutral party. To minimise our egomind from playing tricks on us so we are more able to listen to the real priority of the body.

BodyTalk Access ~ helps your body-mind-emotions maintain a constant balance.

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