Listen To Your Body (Episode 3, Part 2)

Episode 3 (Part 2 of 2): When is ideal time for BodyTalk session, to optimise health and well-being?

In this video, Irene and Po Li discussed about, the ideal time to benefit MOST from BodyTalk session. 

Interestingly Irene recommends her clients to have BodyTalk sessions when there are NO significant symptoms.

Metaphorically - like our smartphone, we update every once in a while. We also need to update our internal human operating software on regulars intervals.

Sharing from the perspective of the hormones (endocrine system), our body will secrete different set of hormones as we go through different phases in life. 

Most people only go for therapy only when something goes wrong. 

Find out why this strongly NOT recommended. 

Simply because - when you're not having any conscious alarming situations, we can do that (deep healing). 

If you come highly stressed, the body's priority is on “fixing” that emergency problem; and not on healing, updates or upgrades. 

Hence it is very important to have tune-up or maintenance session, to help our cells and body adapt easily into the new phase.

To minimise any potential resistance, which might create internal imbalances or even bigger gap between, where the direction body is intended to flow and our logical mind assumes its going.


BodyTalk Access ~ helps your body-mind-emotions maintain a constant balance.

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