Listen To Your Body (Episode 5, Part 4)

Episode 5 (Part 4 of 4): Listen to Your Own Body

Our key message is always, it is so, so important to Listen to Your Own Body

Be mindful and find balance when using our intuitive mind and logical mind.

I hope this video series, that we shared can inspire people to do that.

A lot of people with good intention "offers" advice, ye at the end of the day we are still accountable to make our own decisions and be comfortable with it so that ideally we don't have to live with regrets!

It's very important to be even more aware, during this COVID pandemic. A lot of people are stuck at home and there are a lot of external changes and anxiety, uncertainties and people don't really listen to the body. Be mindful of what the body is telling.

The Cortices can help the body re-align and be accountable for your own health.


BodyTalk Access ~ helps your body-mind-emotions maintain a constant balance.

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