Topic: Sync with universal abundance


This recorded workshop is for MindScape Graduates only.

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The session aims to enhance experience with own subconscious capabilities by using MindScape Workshop, in day-to-day activities!


Allows you to deepen exploration and maximise the use of all other features which you have previously learnt in the MindScape workshop.

So, you can progressively optimise your potentials, resolve conflicts, expand creative solutions effectively, while maximise healing capabilities and improve quality of your relationships. For your existence matters!


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Pre-Requisite: MindScape 2-Day Workshop

This alumni session is for MindScape Graduates only.
Contact Us if you have graduated from another Instructor, and would like to join Live (Zoom) Alumni session.

In This Session: Sync with Universal Abundance

✔ Update emotional attachment about abundance within your subconscious.
✔ 3 Critical benefits to heal money wounds 
~ beliefs about relationship between money and 
 relationship, happiness and success.
✔ Using library in MindScape to sync with universal frequency of abundance, that is aligned with your personal empowering beliefs.


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