Making Bedtime a Priority [eBook]


Healing Potentials of The Human Body

The human body is designed with the ability to heal itself at all levels, at all times ~ 24/7 and from the moment of conception. The body has a remarkable capacity to self-regulate by maintaining equilibrium at all times. 

Cuts will scab and heal when you cut your finger. Similarly, when you experience an ankle sprain, mental stress or emotional trauma.

Unfortunately, over time, this natural healing capabilities gets compromised due to factors, such as physical inhibitions, emotional attachments, mental limitations, biochemical imbalances, environmental pressure, social responsibility and un-consented expectations, continuously bombarding the body and mind.

When the body isn’t given adequate time to pause, while it makes millions of cells every second to replace those damaged cells or destroy cells that has reached their natural life span, it gets overloaded and we fall ill more easily.

If that is the case, it will take a longer time to recover, or don’t recover fully.

Sleep is one of the most effective ways to help the body de-stress, and plays a critical role so the self-healing mechanism can do its job. 

Give the body a break in bringing us back to balance as new healthy cells continue to keep the body functioning at optimal levels.

What You Can Expect Upon Completing Reading This Book:

  • Have a greater understanding of why sleep is important and its crucial impact on having mental, emotional, spiritual clarity and physical wellbeing, productivity and harnessing healthy relationships.
  • Get to know what your sleep challenges are in order to help minimise body’s burden from stress during the day, weeks and months. So you can truly design your personalized strategy while making bedtime a priority. 
  • You will notice there’s minimal “suggestions” like those you find on the internet, with regards to those TO DOs or NOT TO DOs. 
  • In contrary, I highlight body’s most basic physiological needs, which allows you to understand yourself better, emotionally and spiritually, in order to personalize your sleep routine. 
  • Form new de-stress habits that can “indirectly” influence and affects your sleep quality, based on your own lifestyle and daily routine.
  • Start making improvements in having consistent balance between light sleep and deep sleep. So you can start your day
    energised and end the day feeling accomplished !


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