BodyTalk Access


A Self-Care Workshop

This 1-day workshop consists of a set of 5 practical techniques, that supports your bodymind to maintain its natural ability self-heal.

Workshop is available in classroom (1-day), or taught online (5 hours) .

This self-care routine allows the bodymind to “reboot” like a computer, at regular intervals.

This ensures that the ‘operating-system of human body’ is smoothly and constantly updated, to support our ability to adapt to changes within our bodily functions. It also helps to minimise any possibility of resistance to respond appropriately to environmental changes/turbulences.

The 5 simple and practical BodyTalk Access techniques for your daily self-care routine are:

  1. Cortices
  2. Switching
  3. Hydration
  4. Body Chemistry
  5. Reciprocals

* Fast Aid (Additional Technique)

Fast Aid is an effective first aid system to aid to resolve urgent issues or emergency-type situations. For serious conditions, it is designed to be used safely until specialised healthcare arrives.

All techniques learnt can be applied on yourself, family members, including infants. Most amazingly it can be done via DISTANCE or remotely!

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Classroom (1 day), Online (Zoom)


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