BodyTalk Fundamentals (4-Days)


This 4-days course provides a “map” of the “entire human psyche”, from the moment of conception.

It includes the complete parameters of:

  • the physical body,
  • emotional storage,
  • mental association or belief systems,
  • environmental influences and conditionings,
  • cellular memories and activities.

Together with a structured protocol, the student learns to locate “contributing evidences” that have led to challenges, difficulties or diseases, in order to bring about lasting changes.

Instead of focusing on surface symptoms, BodyTalk reveals the underlying factors (“root causes”), that contributes to the illness or challenges, allowing the bodymind to heal the source by addressing the whole person and their complete story.

By understanding all aspects that makeup the body – the tangible, energetic and psychological, you’ll start to appreciate how dis-ease develops and become aware of how and why it is maintained, and priorities that are required to fully resolve it.

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