Destiny Compass


This 4-hour workshop can help you when you are feeling exhausted and frustrated, focused on making others dreams come true and neglecting your own.

The unique integration of proven quantum physics methodology (MindScape™) and ancient metaphysics (Qimen Dunjia), will guide you to connect with the authentic qualities you are gifted with at birth.

Connect with your metaphysical-identity to activate your inborn qualities, and gain clarity on what you truly want to achieve.

Learn to use your innate compass to rediscover your inner treasures, lost self, inadequate, incomplete, unworthy or unfulfilled purposes, so you can step out from living under your own shadow identity.

Instead of merely submitting to “fate”, dictated by others, connect with your destined identity, so you can respond to your heart’s deep calling!


*It is ideal that you know your your Date and Time of Birth



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