Qi Shield


This 2-part hands-on & experiential workshop brings you clarity to transform limitations into actionables!

Part 1: Dec 10th, 2023 (Sun), 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Part 2: Dec 29th, 2023 (Fri), 7:00pm – 9:30pm

You will be using your mind, 5-senses and hands, to physically mould your desired future by creating and bring home your very own Illuminate candle.

BONUSES included:

★ You will take home with you $47 worth of Illuminate candle!
(includes all material & ingredients in making soy-based infused with Abundance essential oils).

$128 worth
of guided transformational frequency-healing session, jointly guided by Elsie and Irene.


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You will be carefully guided through a process to refine with clarity what you would like to accomplish in 2024!

✔ Identify ahead of time, any limitations that might be standing between you and your desired accomplishements. You will be taken through a healing session using sound and scent frequencies to heal and gain closure to the past conditionings and limitations.

✔ Allowing you to transform gracefully by igniting (making and lighting-up your Illuminate-candle) to symbolically stepping into the light of possibilities.

✔ Finally, you will also bring home with you 3-A blueprint.

A proven formula where you can use again and again, anytime in the future to transform any limitations or ideas into reality!

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