MindScape Workshop


A Self-Discovery Workshop

This 2-day workshop gives you a structure to enter the domain of your powerful subconsciousmind, so you can “decipher” your inner world.

MindScape is a superb way of unlocking the best in us, by aligning the conscious and subconscious mind to utilise our potentials. Tap into intuitive powers to deepen self trust, creativity, spirituality and create meaningful relationships.

Explore where the conscious mind cannot understand or reach:

  • wisdom,
  • creative solutions,
  • out-of-box thinking,
  • unlimited resources,
  • off-load ‘negative’ emotional baggage,
  • gain insights on self-imposed limitations
  • break old habits and repetitive behavioural patterns,
  • connect with collective consciousness or universal knowledge
  • heal restrictions that hinder body’s natural self-healing abilities to resolve stored emotions stuck from the past.
  • time travel (virtually) to heal inner-child’s wound or trauma.

If you are seeking ways to improve quality of life, relationships, work, studies, attract abundance in experiences and learnings in so many ways, register for MindScape workshop today!


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