Qi Shield Workshop


Not letting trapped emotions and imprints of trauma, drains and weaken your energy shield!


This 3-hour workshop aims to Heal From Burnout to Seal
 Energy Leakage, so you can regain your Vitality.


Learn 5-techniques that helps your body heal itself, when it can do the following:

✔ get-out of loops of stress (auto-pilot mode) that drains energy from the body;

✔ relax the nerves, in order for a rested body to digest and process residues of trapped traumas;

✔ repair compromised boundaries so body can recognize and address exposure to danger(s) optimally, without draining energy excessively;

✔ reset metabolism so body regains strength to work in harmony at all levels [physically, mentally and emotionally];

✔ recalibrate your centre of gravity, after releasing the weight stored from long term stress, and be grounded again!



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