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Updates to Human Operating System

Updates to Human Operating System

Cortices Technique ~ Regular Updates to Human Operating System Events and changes are constantly taking place, in the environment and within our bodymind system. It is ideal to keep our internal operations regularly updated, so it can constantly adapt to changes (both internal and external). To keep up with times of uncertainties, we can help…

Consciousness of Pandemic and SelfCare Options

Consciousness of Pandemic and SelfCare Options

Dialogue between Sylvia Muiznieks and Irene Khor: Sharing insights of underlying subtle stress which the unprecedented pandemic has impacted individuals. Discussing several options for SelfCare techniques, that can help getting our body and mind from remaining unknowingly within coping-mechanism. When one is coping, they are not living. Yet, hovering in the chronic state of being…

Cortices Technique for Kids

Instil self-care habits as early as possible

When does Selfcare habits begin… ? Early Phases of Development … ?Matured Phases of Growth … ? Somewhere in between … ? It will be ideal to instil Selfcare habits… as early as possible, for as humans age … , habits are more difficult to change 🙁 This 9-years old boy has been taught by his auntie…

Hand bath to ease tension and relaxes eyes

SelfCare Tips: Hand bath to ease tension and relaxes eyes

If you have been using the computer or mobile devices, way over than what you usually do. This simple hand bath enables the muscles to ease, while relaxes the eyes as built-up tension relaxes. You will also notice, any stored or accumulated emotions begins to dissolve as your muscles relaxes.

Cortices Technique v. 2

Cortices Technique (ver 2.0)

Irene Khor updated this version Cortices Technique video, for there has been additional tapping of the Gut brain, being introduced by the International BodyTalk System since 2016. You’ll learn from this video how by applying Cortices Technique, can help to reduce overall stress from the body, including mental and emotional stress. Helping to take our…