BodyTalk Fundamentals

Listen to your body's priorities, to identify which "root-cause" to resolve, in order for bodymind to heal completely.

Course Dates (2 weekends):
PART 1: 5 and 6 Oct 2024 (9:30am-5:30pm)
PART 2: 19 and 20 Oct 2024 (9:30am-5:30pm)
Early Bird Fees (1 month before Course):


A non-diagnostic approach to Health and Wellbeing

Consciousness-based Healthcare

BodyTalk is not another healthcare modality BUT a comprehensive system, where you will learn to:

  • listen and interpret what the body is saying, instead of jumping into conclusion to treat a given diagnosis
  • get to the root of the matter
  • provide long-lasting solutions, while preventing problems from recurring and risk of health concerns passing on to future generations
  • accurately treat source factor(s) according to the body’s timing - NO guesswork!
  • enhance awareness at all levels (Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Metaphysical, and Spiritual)


BodyTalk Fundamentals is beneficial for

Anyone interested in complete healing, and

not merely eliminating symptoms without gaining wisdom from it.

During these 4-Days, you'll learn to navigate between the BodyTalk Protocol and Procedure - that makes BodyTalk a SYSTEM, where anyone can learn to do a BodyTalk session.

Using this structured system, you'll be guided to consult the body's inborn intelligence to locate “contributing factors” (commonly called "root-cause") that is left unresolved and locked away in the body.

Leading to combination of health challenges, emotional imbalances, addictive behaviours, mental stress and/or disease manifestation, when remained unprocessed.


BodyTalk session reveals combination of these factors based on body's own timing, when body is ensured it is ready and able to process them appropriately, so your entire body-mind-emotion-spirit can heal completely.


This course is for anyone interested in learning how to find out the "root-cause" of any type of symptoms from the body's perspective, to bring long-term and lasting changes.

You do not need to have any background in healthcare to learn BodyTalk.

The awareness and education acquired within this four days can lead any layperson, parent, caregiver or educator to a new career path of being a alternative healthcare practitioner.

You can consider to pursue the Certification process to become a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner.
(Certification process is optional).


 If you are keen to enhance and deepen your knowledge that will significantly impact the overall health and wellbeing, quality of life, healthy relationship amongst family, community and oneself, to empower each individual that their existence matters, this course is meant for you!!!


BodyTalk Fundamentals Course Overview

Consulting the blueprint of the entire human existence

This 4 days course provides a “map” of the “entire human psyche”, consisting information of an individual from the moment of Conception. Which includes the complete parameters of:

  • the physical anatomy of body,
  • energy flow from perspective of eastern philosophy (e.g. meridians)
  • storage of emotional attachments, scars and baggages,
  • mental conditionings or belief systems,
  • environmental influences and society expectations,
  • cellular memories and epigenetic inheritance.

By understanding all aspects that makeup the body – the tangible, energetic and psychological, you’ll start to appreciate:

➜ how dis-ease develops,

➜ become aware of how and why it is maintained, and

➜ priorities that are required to fully resolve it.

Demonstration of a BodyTalk Session

Course Outline

  1. Introduction

    1. History of BodyTalk and the Founder, Dr. John Veltheim
    2. Key Concepts:
      • The Scientific Basis of BodyTalk
      • Consciousness Based Health Care
      • Consciousness Localised as Innate Wisdom
      • The Zone
      • Principles of Muscular Biofeedback
      • Priority and the Sequence of Healing
      • The Tapping Procedure
      • Breathing Principles
      • BodyTalk Procedures
      • Developing the Concept of Session Readiness
      • Development of Practitioner Technical Understanding & Skills:

BodyTalk Introduction: How to know what the body needs, without a diagnosis; and The computer analogy

  1. Balancing the body basics:

  • Hydration, Scars, Cortices of the Brain, and more
  1. Addressing environmental imbalances - Energy faults and communication blocks with in the brain.
  2. Balancing Techniques for the organs, endocrines and body parts.
  3. Addressing energy blockages within chakras and meridians.
  4. Balancing cellular damage from vaccinations, trauma, and hereditary influences.
  5. Clearing the body of viruses, infections, parasites, food intolerances, allergies and toxins.
  6. Clearing past and present emotional blockages, including active memories, phobias and fears.
  7. Addressing blockages within the lymphatic system.
  8. Balancing blockages in the circulation of lymph, blood and nerves.
  9. Balancing blockages in the bodies tissues using the reciprocals concepts.
  10. Emergency BodyTalk procedure; Fast Aid

BodyTalk Use: A non-diagnostic and comprehensive approach to cancer

Course Dates

Part 1

5th and 6th Oct 2024
Saturday & Sunday
9:30am to 5:30pm

Part 2

19th and 20th Oct 2024
Saturday & Sunday
9:30am to 5:30pm

Class size is kept small (maximum 5 pax), so Irene can personally monitor your progress and understanding of the materials throughout the Course.

Providing you a safe space to ask question and learn at your pace, comfortably.


Irene Khor

Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, BodyTalk & MindScape Instructor and International Speaker

Since 2003, Irene has been training and coaching adults in personal growth and self-improvement, selfcare and self-discovery arena.

She is a regional expert in The BodyTalk System™. She has taught in countries such as Singapore, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and even the United States of America (USA).


Success Stories

Structured and Interactive

Class materials presented in a structured and timely manner. Interactive learning experience with sufficient time for practise..

Simplicity and patience

I liked the open mind of Irene and her simplicity to explain the Course and her patience over our repetitive questions.

Dis-entangle complicated concepts

The handling of the Instructor. Its was a complicated topic but she was able to help to untangle concepts. The practise sessions were helpful.

Feel safe to "make mistakes"

I like the examples and Instruction made time to review every morning. Organized presentation. The chance to know if i really got-it with opportunity to "make mistakes" by feel safe to ask questions.

Planning sequence

I like that Irene is clear and precise, has good planning in sequence of topics to teach (she pairs a more difficult technique with an easier ne so as to aid us in learning). This is the first IBA/BodyTalk course that I don't feel like I've fallen behind from being "lost". The lesson was really clear and simple and I'm glad I'm more familiar with BodyTalk Fundamentals now. Enjoyed levelling up my BodyTalk skills in this course. Thank you Irene!

Note: The names of the testimonial givers are withheld to protect patient's confidentiality.

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