BodyTalker Alumni

For BodyTalk Fundamentals graduates only

TOPIC: 3 Typical Mistakes to Avoid by BT Practitioners

26 May 2022 (online, via Zoom)
7:30pm to 9:30pm


Practical application of BodyTalk Fundamentals

Sharpening your skills, Deepen your knowledge

This alumni session intends to support the enhancement of your skills by practising BodyTalk techniques and navigating between BodyTalk Protocol and Procedure smoothly!


Allows you to practise objectively when you conduct sessions with like-minded course-mates.

BodyTalk Alumni

In this session, I will be sharing:

  • The 3 typical mistakes graduates make, that prevented them from practising their BodyTalk skills confidently and consistently


  • Tips on achieving consistent success in this path as a excellent BodyTalk Practitioner or Complimentary Healthcare Practitioner.


  • Q & A segment - where you can share your experience with session-formulas you've done, challenges faced or ask technical questions.
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BTFi 3

* Bring yourself and/or a friend (for future and in-person session only)

  • If you bring a friend, they get to experience a session, either from yourself or other graduates in a supervised-environment.


  • Clear any doubts, while building confidence while practising what you've learnt, and exchange a healing session with other BodyTalk graduates.


  • Kindly register both of your attendance respectively!


Registration & Payment

  • [KINDLY IGNORE THIS PART] - Only $15 extra (total $40 for you and your guest) and enjoy a supervised-BodyTalk-session


Irene Khor

Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, BodyTalk & MindScape Instructor and International Speaker

Since 2003, Irene has been training and coaching adults in personal growth and self-improvement, selfcare and self-discovery arena.

She is a regional expert in The BodyTalk System™. She has taught in countries such as Singapore, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and even the United States of America (USA).

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