Transform Unbearable Pain of Loss to Inner Peace

Grief Gracefully

21 May 2023, (Sunday): 1:00pm - 5:00pm
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Gaining Closure Isn't About Forgetting Your Past, Yet Being Grateful For It!

3-Step process to Reconcile with Loss, By Complete-Healing and Not Merely Coping

This experiential workshop aims to help you heal completely without having to continually struggle internally to cope with the pain of losing someone or something, that is dear and matters most to you!


Pain is not limited to losing something that is important to you.


It can be your business, career, health or an item that has sentimental value to you.

Grief Gracefully

Blending quantum physics (BodyTalk System) and chinese metaphysics (Qimen DunJia) methodologies, you will be guided to rectify with the loss that kept your wound raw and hinders your ability to be fully and truly happy with what you currently have.

What you will learn

You will be guided through a healing process to heal the wounds and grief gracefully.

  • Recognise which of the 5 Phases of Grief and the emotions (based on 5-elements), that is necessary to be released in your healing process.


  • Identify your default response when faced with loss, based on your Natal Chart of Qimen DunJia.


  • Integrating MindScape & Qimen Techniques that empowers you to:
    • Acknowledging and accept loss at heart, not intellectually.
    • Begin the grieving process by activating courage to offload pain and free from self-punishment
    • Gain closure by not letting the shadows to cast over our life and future.

Allowing you to take each step out of the shadows of your past, to forward without the emotional-weight unprocessed grief.

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Transformative Healing of Surrendering Shadows of Grief

Loss of Loved Ones

Pain can be unbearable, but it is important to grief, and not stop the healing process after mourning.

Loss of Job

Heal mental resistance from the disappointments of losing job. To rebuild confidence, self esteem and courage to divert and upgrade new skills.

Relationship Break-Up
(Without Closure)

Premature attempts to forget about the pain as soon as possible, might unconsciously sweep the wound underneath-the-carpet.

Loss of Health
(Diagnosis, Slow Recovery)

Heal shock of diagnosis and the emotions that has surfaced, like anger. So body can begin to heal any resentment in order for treatment to be effective and recovery to be smooth.

Change to New Environment / Country
(Felt Lost)

Allowing time to learn about the to new environment, and adapt to the weather, new friends, lifestyle, habits and body's needs.

Life Transition
(Change Country)

Transition is a natural part of life. It's important to allow body to close the previous chapter before starting the new phase without shadows of the past.

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