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Everlasting Wealth Creation Workshop

18 March 2023, (Saturday)
11:00am - 2:00pm


Strategies to Activating Everlasting Wealth

Ways improve your finances and achieve financial immortality with ease and confidence !

This workshop aims to help you attain consistent emotions that will support you in creating everlasting wealth.

Blending quantum physics (BodyTalk System) and chinese metaphysics (Qimen DunJia) methodologies to identify and stabilise the emotions that kept you vulnerable and hinders your ability to create wealth.

When your energy signature isn't prone to emotional fluctuations, it enables you to stay focus consistently. Letting you unlock your potentials and take your wealth capacity to greater heights.

What you will learn

  • Recognised which of the 5 Types of Emotional struggles (based on 5-elements in your Qimen destiny chart) that you are most susceptible to, which hinders the creation of wealth.


  • Technique to stabilise personalised emotional fluctuations.


  • Overcome mental barriers or subconscious conditioning that hinders you from feeling worthy, so you can ASK for what you want!


  • Release blockages and resistance that inhibited you from pursuing, and achieve everlasting wealth.


  • Empowered to find clarity of what you truly wants. Then congruently aligns the mind and heart so you will feel confident and stay consistent to pursue your financial goals!


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Wealth Success Growth

Workshop is beneficial for

(Keep or Change Job)

Emotionally fit to stay and thrive in current job or unlock courage to explore new job prospects.

Self Employed
(Personal Vibrations)

Harness vibrations to stay connected and build trust even with the most challenging clients or customers.

(Increment/Promotion Opportunity)

Preparation before asking for an increment or promotion for your career progression.

Business Owner
(Increase Sales)

Retain and grow business by going the extra mile consistently, to value-add to customers.

(Remain motivated at work)

Balance efforts, expectations and recognition, to stay motivated.

Wealth manifestation
(Increase profits)

Simple strategies to create everlasting wealth, easily and effortlessly.

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Create Everlasting Wealth

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