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BodyTalk Access - Graduates Review

Note: The names of the testimonial givers are withheld to protect client's confidentiality.

Fluid retention

I always used to get really bad fluid retention in Singapore in general from the humidity, especially when I'd re-enter the country.

I then performed Access daily for several months & gradually found that I became thirsty more and that I was finally able to hydrate better and retain fluid less.

This really help change a large part of my digestion & elimination. But it did take a little time. However, the change is permanent!

BodyTalk Access (Fast Aid) - Grieving process

Fast Aid - Emotional shock, help grieving process with fathers death

Got a call one morning; with the shocking news that my father had a heart attack and on the way to the hospital.

My thinking-mind went into 'paralysis' and I do not know what to do, but pace frantically back and forth. Then, I remembered that I can use the BodyTalk Access techniques via distant for my father. Which I did!!!

In less than 5-seconds, I broke down into tears (and out of shock). I continue to do the tapping alternatively between my father and myself, and came back to my senses shortly after.

Started to make few calls to ask for help!

My father passed-away not long after, and I continued to use BodyTalk for myself and my family members to help us over the grieving process.

Frustration/Disappointment translated into physical pain

A teenager entered the MRT with earphone plugged-in and hands on the phone instead of the pole; stood beside me.

Caught my attention since all her attention was on the gadget in her hand. At the next station, the train jerked and she stepped on my foot and what surprised me was - as if she didn't even noticed that happened. The first response was, "knew it's gonna happened! ".

The experience was memorable for a combination emotions surfaced in the spur of the moment.

Arrived at my stop and proceed to my destination. It was only 2-hours later, my feet started to hurt and swell in a short period of time after that. Realized the physical stepping didn't account to the injury but the emotional grudge did.

Did the Access immediately after, and within 2-days the pain completely healed. Few weeks later, as I went out to lunch - a group of teenager walking towards my direction, talking and laughter. Somehow one of them actually stepped on the back of my sandals and I almost tripped on the pavement.

Immediately the previous incident flash on my mind, and led to a smile. This time it did hurt a little for even though I didn't fall - the step has strained the ankle.

I did the Fast Aid technique at the very instant I had the opportunity. To my surprise, there were no bruise, pain, nor swell!!! I followed with the Access techniques few times that day!

Calmer mind, Less depressed

My mind feels more calm right now and the vitality has been gradually recovered.

I feel less depressed, and less poor appetite. After 2 months after my first BodyTalk session, I feel my brain is more alert right away after Cortices.

I am very interested in learning the rest of the BodyTalk Access techniques, but I could not make it to Singapore this November.

Eye Nerve

I don't know if my eye nerve is still very tense as it was. Maybe, we have to access it through BodyTalk in this case in the next appointment.

Nevertheless, it surprised me that BodyTalk found the linkage to vision snow which is the neurological visual symptom that has happened to me out of the blue last year when I incurred convergence insufficiency.

And it has been more disturbing from last year mainly before surgery. The neuro-opthalmologist was of the opinion that vision snow is a rare disease that happens to one in a million and can be progressive due to the bright light and the stress, especially the stress which occasionally makes my whole vision shake by the turbulence of glitters and glaring noises.

BodyTalk gives me the new hope to control one of the critical causes, i.e. stress.

Efficient Sleep

Now, I get better sleep; a good 7 hours at night without the demand for napping during the day.

The last two months, I got a full 8 hours of sleep and was still exhausted out of doing nothing.

Recently, I 'm more active. I 'm only worn out by hectic and overloaded activities which is rational.

Less sinus episode and 'crackling' knee sounds


BodyTalk Fundamentals - Graduates Review

Clariy for monitors - Celia

I have more confidence now in practising sessions, unlike last year when I attended the first time.

Clariy for monitors - Gina

The course was presented in a very clear manner. It is only now (after several reviews of the course) that i do practise sessions and i understand what i am supposed to do, am able to do sessions "properly".

I am very glad i finally understood how to do BodyTalk. A lot of the concepts and techniques are now clear. I am more confident of my sessions.

Structured and Interactive - Lana

Class materials presented in a structured and timely manner.

Interactive learning experience with sufficient time for practise.

Clariy for monitors - Lucia

It's always good to monitor (review) a class more than once. What i like about the Course is Irene's clear way of explaning and there's lots of practise time.

Wonderful class and I learn new things again after attending with different Instructors for at least the 5th time.

Organized and Clear - Shalini

This course gave me an extra set of skills. Its was a good course.

I am very inspired to further practise and develop my knowledge of BodyTalk.

Concise and Informative

The way the BodyTalk Fundamentals course was presented, it was clear, concise and very informative.

Patience and clarity

Irene is a great Instructor. She is very patient and clear in her delivery.

Dis-entangle complicated concepts

The handling of the Instructor. Its was a complicated topic but she was able to help to untangle concepts.

The practise sessions were helpful.

Simplicity and patience

I liked the open mind of Irene and her simplicity to explain the Course and her patience over our repetitive questions.

Feel safe to "make mistakes"

I like the examples and Instruction made time to review every morning.

Organized presentation.

The chance to know if i really got-it with opportunity to "make mistakes" by feel safe to ask questions.

Planning sequence - YiTing

I like that Irene is clear and precise, has good planning in sequence of topics to teach (she pairs a more difficult technique with an easier ne so as to aid us in learning).

This is the first IBA/BodyTalk course that I don't feel like I've fallen behind from being "lost". The lesson was really clear and simple and I'm glad I'm more familiar with BodyTalk Fundamentals now.

Enjoyed levelling up my BodyTalk skills in this course. Thank you Irene!

Groundedness - Patricia

On the overall, the BodyTalk Fundamentals course was very organized and very clearly carried out by the Instructor.

I look for more such BT courses being orgainized in Manila.

"I can no longer lose my attention..." - Remar

I attended BodyTalk Fundamentals seminar twice, where both were totally different experience.

From the first one, I learned the theoretical side and the second one taught me more on the practical area of BodyTalk Fundamentals.

Maybe because Instructors vary in their approach, or maybe because my mind also receives things at it's own pace. News came that there will be a BodyTalk Access workshop in Manila in 2014.

Some colleagues encouraged me to attend, but others say that the techniques in BodyTalk Access are already taught in BodyTalk Fundamentals - so it might just be a waste of time and money.

Initially, I thought attending the workshop is just for formality, for I need the Access Technician certificate to become an Access Outreacher.

But the moment the workshop began I already REALISED I WAS WRONG!!!. I can no longer lose my attention when Irene was teaching.

She carefully and beautifully explain every detail of each techniques. She gave time for interactions and question and answers. Most of the time new things and ideas will come up aside from many food for thoughts.

The workshop with Irene Khor feels like a family having a precious moment of conversation, bonding, play, learn and having fun.

It was a totally different experience from what at first I thought it would be... (Just for formality and for the certificate). Every seminar really is different, every workshop is amazing. It doesn't mean that when you already attended one, you already know it all.

Passion and Dedication

Patience (of Instructor)

BT Fundamentals Integration: The learning feels complete
Now, Finally, the learning feels complete!!!

Am thankful for having decided to attend this class, for I finally know how to debrief my sessions to my client, in a way it make sense to her.

Irene is amazing in her ability to break-down the process so structuredly. Which helps me understand the formula better, that allows me to interpret the session better.

Finally, for the first time in years of practising BodyTalk, i finally am assured i can do it properly and completely.

BT Fundamentals Integration: Listening skills

Irene truly demonstrated and illustrated the importance of LISTENING.

What i loved most in this workshop is how she uses metaphor and explains the philosophical aspects of BodyTalk, and how it also applies in our daily lives.

It helped me not only becoming a better practitioner, but be a mindful listener. Not only to clients yet more importantly to family members and friends.

MindScape - Graduates Review

So many breakthroughs in 2 days

I absolutely love and recommend MindScape sessions with Irene.

She is a great facilitator and Instructor and I have had so many breakthroughs in both her 2 days workshops as well as private consultations.

It also helps that she is an experienced BodyTalker, so she is able to assist me me with her own insights as well. Thank you so much Irene.

MindScape: Love at first (inner) sight

We know Irene for a decade now and she was the one who introduced us to MindScape and BodyTalk all those years ago.

MindScape was Love at First (Inner) Sight for me. And we have re-attended the workshop many times after that with Irene as well as other instructors.

Irene conducts the workshop wonderfully and out latest one was together as a family. We all enjoyed the tranformations over the weekend, each of us seeing changes and feeling calmer, clearer.

Irene adjusted the instructions to suit my 14-year old daughter as well as guided her appropriately.

I recommend Irene's MindScape workshop for everyone to connect to the inner self, and in turn, deal with the outer world with more and more ease. Thank you Irene

Clarity and great connection with client

I did MindScape for clarity and great connection with clients. After that, I received a text from pending clients asking to enrol their children.

I also receive referral leads. Also made 2 phone calls, and had very positive connections.

Swelling reduced tremendously

This morning, i was working from home, so had more time to practise MindSCape, before doing a foot-bath for my swellig feet.

Amazing healing... my feet which was swollen badly for past 2 days - has subsided.

I can see the shape of my ankle again!!!.

What others say about Irene Khor

Grateful for my everyday

Great mentor, teacher and friendship

Generous with knowledge


Selfless sharing

Altruistic sharing


Thank you for the trust in me to walk 👣 your healing journey and making-existence-matter 🙏 one-step-at-a-time 👣
Also wishing you all the best in paying-it-forward in touching more lives in their transformational paths too 👍🌻
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