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BodyTalk + CranioSacral Therapy: Eyes (Sports Related Injuries)

I was suffering from a condition called Recurring Corneal Erosion (RCE), which was a result of a squash injury.

Despite continuous medication, my condition was not improved. I consulted Irene and since then my condition has improved significantly with BodyTalk and CranioSacral Therapy and that has given me a lot of comfort.

My condition is now much improved and I would recommend this treatment.

BodyTalk + Lymph Drainage: Rashes

The BodyTalk experience I had with Irene was amazing, and I did "expel" all the toxic stuff from my body by going to the loo a lot.

My rashes did not appear after the treatment but when I got back to Vancouver, I did get some rash although not so severe as I would have normally got them over the past 10-years.

I think, like most illnesses/allergies, I need to have a few more treatments before I'm fully cured. Thank you so much Irene for your help. My husband was so excited about my treatment and even though he's not really the type who believes in alternative healing, he's now convinced to try out Body Talk for his own well-being.

I hope to see you on my next visit to Singapore. I was such a pleasure to meet you and experience BodyTalk.

BodyTalk + Lymph Drainage: Pus-filled abscess in breast

When ALL Other treatments doesn't seem to work (Pus- filled abscess in my breast healed overnight)

My family and I have been receiving BodyTalk sessions for many years, and we have found that when all other treatments don't work, a session of BodyTalk helps to clear the emotional issues that are holding us back, thereby giving ourselves "permission" to heal.

Many times, just hours after a session, the right treatment comes along, or an old treatment suddenly starts taking effect, and a long-drawn out sickness rapidly comes to an end.

Pus- filled abscess in my breast healed overnight

Just after my second baby was born, I developed a rapidly-growing, pus- filled abscess in my breast and I was told I had to remove it surgically. In desperation, I tried a multitude of treatments but the lump just kept growing.

The night before the surgery was scheduled, I had a BodyTalk session. Within a few hours, one of the alternative therapy practitioners I had seen called me to recommend a new treatment.

It was midnight, but my husband immediately drove over to get it. The next morning, the specialist did a scan on my lump, found to his surprise that it has subsided, and called off the surgery. It literally healed overnight!!!

When your body would not respond to any other treatment I really appreciate the love and dedication Irene has shown our family, especially for the times she given us emergency sessions when our babies were very ill or running high fevers that would not respond to any other treatment.

The hardest thing about treating sick babies is that they can't articulate their problems. Working with Irene has enabled us to understand and deal with the physical and emotional issues of our two babies, and even our Jack Russell Terrier!

Stress & Anxiety 

I came to Irene for Stress & Anxiety 

I have this problem since 2016 and got worse this year 2020.

The BodyTalk session helped brought to awareness the underlying conditions my body has been experiencing and (subconsciously) terrified about, over more than 20-years, without me consciously thinking about it. 

Which i believed it is “normal” to not “think” about problems when we don’t know and unable to resolve, as a child. 

Unknowingly, my body (Immune functions and Nervous system) has been operating under Coping-mode. Where these protective mechanism has been activated to protect me, by remaining “alarmed” at most times. 

Which puts my body in a heightened state of anxiety. 

No wonder, I get random anxiety attacks, even though on the conscious levels, I feel calm and grateful that I have a supportive spouse. Yet beneath that serenity, I can’t seem to be able to connect or communicate with my body. 

Sometimes I get really frustrated, for am not able to reconcile with what my body is experiencing within, versus what I am feeling. 

Frustrated when I can’t seem to explain what is happening and I’m at lost of where to get help. Worst when the doctor or therapist don’t seem to understand or able to relate to what I am saying. 

So thankful that after the BodyTalk session, Irene is able to “translate” or put words into what I'm exactly going through all these years. 

Also understood now, why I so easily influenced or affected by others’ “negative emotions”. 

Not that I am weak or susceptible to external triggers, but because my body’s coping mechanism has been “programmed” to protect me when it detects or perceive there’s danger in the environment. 

So, it releases stress hormones like cortisol (fight and flight mechanism), as way to keep me safe; and not merely because I am absorbing anything in the environment. 

As the session has helped me internally, it also empowers me to be better every day. 

Sharing this story hoping it can reach-out and help someone out there encountering with similar situation. 

Anaphylactic shock, and unable to eat for 4 months

I am a homemaker.

I did not know anything about BodyTalk and had absolutely no expectations when I came for the first session. 

I was rather ill and weak by the time I had come to see Irene.  I had been unable to eat for 4 months prior to that. I had gone into anaphylactic shock a couple of times and was suffering from dreadful food allergies. I seemed to be reacting to the computer and the wi-fi.

That's why my nutritionist referred to Irene for BodyTalk instead of acupuncturist.

In fact, I was reacting to just about everything. My diet was very limited and I was down to just eating 4 fruits; apple, pear, peach and mango.  These were the only things I could eat. 

My digestion was also bad.  I had been diagnosed with GERD a year earlier. 

I would have to say I felt better almost immediately.  Within a few sessions, I was able to add a few more foods to my diet.  My mood improved significantly as well.  My body stopped reacting to electrical gadgets and I was able to use the compute without incident.

My biggest breakthrough was being able to stop taking the antihistamine tablets that I had been on daily for three years. 

Sessions with Irene is very easy and relaxing. I have to say I felt very comfortable with Irene from the start and was able to talk to her freely. 

I attended the BodyTalk Access self-help course and have used it regularly. Irene's explanations during her teaching are precise, easy to follow and apply. 

I do actually use what I have learnt from Irene. I apply Access techniques on myself and my son regularly.  I find it very helpful.

Child’s High Fever

It was mind-boggling to know there is such holistic treatment that covers almost all facets of possible causes and address complete health concerns. In my son, Ivan’s first treatment, we discovered the root cause of my son high fever was because of the metal element in his body. He also did a cellular repair to address the high fever problem.

Overall, Ivan went through 3 treatments over 2 months. It was a really amazing result from these treatments. Ivan is no longer suffering from prolonged high fever. As a kid, even though he caught flu/fever, it never took long, and the temperature is not as high as before.

Chlidren's Health and Sibling Relationship

My 2 sons, who have been receiving Bodytalk sessions with Irene over the last 1.5 years. She has helped us resolve issues that we were not able to solve with TCM or Western medicine.

For example, at 7 months old, my younger son had frequent night wakings, oftentimes waking up screaming every hour each night. There were no medical concerns and he was also easily startled by movement and sounds, more so than usual for a child his age. It was discovered that he had a lot of anxiety and fear, and balanced his internal systems to adjust this issue. Subsequently within a few weeks, he woke only twice or trice a night and was easily comforted back to slumber.

Also, our older son had poor gross motor skills and was frequently losing balance and falling down. The issue for his case was that he was not able to synchronise his mind-body connection, and would lose balance because his mind was many steps ahead of his movements. At the same time, he was experiencing delayed development and anxiety since the birth of his younger brother, manifesting in aggression to the extent that he would be re-enacting his violent reactions to this brother during sleep. He is now much more agile and the relationship with his brother is much improved.

Children, Self and Business

I have been experiencing BodyTalk with Irene Khor for several months, and I return for more.

During the sessions, I often enter a deep place of reflection and I gather insights about what's working and what's not working in my life.

After the session, I feel more confident and aligned, more able to get the results I want in my life.

The BodyTalk has supported me in my business partnerships and getting two multi-millionaire dollar private equity investment deals completed.

I have two children, (Age 13 and 9). After a session of BodyTalk, the stress of modern Singapore living and schooling disappears and leaves the children much happier and resourceful. I have found her attentiveness, care and professionalism at an exceptional high standard. Irene delivers excellence in the work she does.

Clarity behind the Real Root of the Ailments

I intended to have a CranioSacral Therapy to treat the ringing in my ears. While waiting for my turn for the session at the center, I got hold of a book in the waiting room on BodyTalk and something just told me this is what I needed.

There was a major shift in me immediately after the 1st session.

There were certain deep seated beliefs and mindset that I didn't know I was carrying which were holding be back and they was brought to light.

I had the chance to look at it with a new perspective and that lead me to change my map about myself and about many things in life. I gained clarity on what I needed to work on at the emotional level to bring about a chance at the physical level.

I definitely recommend BodyTalk for anyone who is looking to get clarity with the real root of their ailments. In my experience, a lot of the times just by becoming aware of the true cause of the problem, it brings about a shift in one's thought pattern which itself helps to cure problem.

Fear & Decision Making (Endometriosis)

When the doctor first told me that I had endometriosis, I was hoping to find a medical treatment which could make the cyst subside instead of going thru surgery.

I was skeptical of surgery and hence delayed even to seek a 2nd opinion. The BodyTalk sessions made a difference as it helped me overcome the fear and I trust that I will be ok after the surgery. If not because for the session, I would have deferred the surgery indefinitely. Through the sessions it helped instill a sense of confidence in me to go for 2nd opinion.

Interesting enough this other surgeon sounded convincing to me on the surgery that he was going to perform, which further built up my confidence level. The moment I decided to go for surgery, I realized that the decision was not that difficult after all as I was quite prepared mainly because I was rational enough (instead of overwhelmed with emotion) to realize there surgery is a necessary treatment at that time.

Fear has been a huge factor that is holding back the entire process. However, it is the support and the encouragement that Irene gave me which helped me believed in myself that I would be ok after the surgery. The belief is strong enough to create a shift, away from a skeptical mindset, which helps the recovery process.

Emotional Health

BodyTalk has awakened my soul and given me an innate awareness which I truly treasure!

Emotional Wounds and Grief

Four years after my husband had died and just having moved to Singapore from Switzerland, I felt unsettled and I needed a "steadying hand".

Applying Reiki myself and having learned through masters under the Reiki network founded by Dr. John Veltheim, I thought it was a sign when on the internet I came across Awakening Touch.

Without hesitation I made an appointment and embarked on a new journey. During my stay in Singapore I went to see Irene frequently.

At all times I found my sessions soothing, inspiring, healing, peaceful, encouraging, insightful, strengthening, motivating... I trusted and loved Irene from my first session.

Over time my last wounds from the loss of my beloved husband healed. As a result I found a new loving relationship as I was ready and open to take that step.

I also found the strength to face what really is important to me in life. Hence I decided to make the respective move back to Switzerland.

I gave up my career in Singapore in order to be where I feel at home, where I am loved, where family and friends are. Although it now means looking for a new job, I feel confident and am happy.

Overall I feel the sessions have opened my inner eye, have made be stronger in trusting what I feel and want, not just what is expected by others from me. Slowly the shift was made.

Yes, I would recommend BodyTalk to others if I feel the person has the respective sensitivity as you will then always benefit. Alone the soothing and relaxing environment is a blessing.

Initially Skeptical (Work stress)

Extreme stress in work and home prompted me to make an appointment for BodyTalk session.

Was skeptical initially, but my mom and sister went for BodyTalk session before me and was told it might help ease my stress.

I only went for 2 sessions of BodyTalk. It was a truly wonderful experience for me. I am not so bothered by my problems now. I tackle them head on with positiveness. BodyTalk let me understand that certain things in life is beyond our control, just let it flow and have a positive attitude towards life. I look at life at a different angle now.

Yes, definitely. Good things would need to share.

I benefited from the BodyTalk sessions and I hope I can help others understand themselves too. Life is still not a bed of roses for me, but I handle it better now and I am more positive about myself. I learned to love myself more.

Least, many thanks Irene - you have not only helped me know myself better, you have become a great friend. I am glad I was introduced to BodyTalk. You are doing a great job for others who needs help.

Connecting the dots - western diagnosed conditions

I was diagnosed with a rare condition. I felt physically tired, my body was bloated, sometimes my arms or legs would feel numb and I had abdominal pain.

After seeing a specialist, it left me feeling very stressed as I didn't know how to deal with the new information and also the physical symptoms. I would go into a session with feeling very anxious and have abdominal pain.

After my session with Irene, I would feel relief from that pain and calmer too. Sometimes, she would relay something that helped me connect the dots in my mind about an issue I was facing.

The physical relief was a great help, I became more able to deal with my condition and less frightened. In addition to being supported by BodyTalk, I've also changed my diet and have seen improvements in my energy levels, I'm no longer bloated and I have a more confident outlook. I would recommend BodyTalk when the other person is open to it, but I have shared to others my own personal experiences and the positive outcomes I've received from BodyTalk.

Autism: General

My name is Choo Kah Ying. I am the mother of a nine-year-old autistic son. Since last October, my son has undergone multiple BodyTalk treatments.

Although I often inform parents that my son remains as autistic as ever, he has shown remarkable improvements at a fast pace since undergoing treatments in all areas:

Attention Span
Fine and Gross Motor Skills
Eye Contact
Response to Environmental Stimuli
Relational Skills
BodyTalk has also done on me and illuminated to me, my conditioning and belief systems, which have helped me to modify my views about myself and the importance of my relationship with Sebastien.

Best of all, he has taught me to see beyond the “typical” and the “special needs” divide to see that all of us are in need of healing. Regardless of any glaring deficits, each of us shares the same fundamental sense of humanity.

Each of the treatments, whether it was done on Sebastien or me, affected the other.

Autism: Attention span

His improved attention span is testified by his ability to watch TV and a movie now.

It occurred to me that Sebastien must have had difficulty processing and integrating the images on TV, which led to his hyperactivity and disinterest in watching TV. More significantly, his increased attention span also led to his improved academic performance, as he is better able to attend to the academic tasks I give him.

As a result, I was not only able to give him more work, but increasingly more challenging work. Fine motor and gross motor skills: He has started exhibiting fine motor and gross motor skills that he did not have before.

Furthermore, he began doing them all by himself, without any prompting from me. In the past, I would have to prompt him to do any new thing, but he just started doing them by himself, such as crossing the midline with his hands and jumping up and down the stairs with two feet coordinated at the same time.

Autism: Eye contact

Sebastien can now track me with his eyes, even from a great distance. In the past, I could not get Sebastien to notice me if I was not within an easy range. However, he can now track me based on my voice.

Autism: Fine and Gross Motor Skills

He has started exhibiting fine motor and gross motor skills that he did not have before. Furthermore, he began doing them all by himself, without any prompting from me.

In the past, I would have to prompt him to do any new thing, but he just started doing them by himself, such as crossing the midline with his hands and jumping up and down the stairs with two feet coordinated at the same time.

His ability to exercise fine motor control of his fingers to draw and write has also improved remarkably.

Autism: Relational Skills

I am now bonding with my son at a level that I did not imagine was possible with my autistic child. I used to tell others that my son could love me in terms of my functional value or purpose.

Now, I can say that my son loves me in a way that is close to parent-child love that most parents experience.

He has moved out of his egocentric ways to show that he worries and cares about me. He has become a considerate child who would help me out and look out for me.

Autism: Response to Environmental Stimuli

My son who has hypersensitive response to environmental stimuli can now handle the overwhelming sensory environment in Singapore. During his first two months back in Singapore (August-September 2005), he got overwhelmed and on one occasion, he attacked me from behind.

I can say now that my son is not only aggression-free, but I now have so much confidence about his behavior, that I don’t try to anticipate his aggression anymore.

BodyTalk for Pets

Pepper is now not constipated after the BodyTalk session. She is also more active and now loves to play after her dinner instead of lazing around.

Have tried to change her diet to raw meat. She will take it raw for the first meal and after that she refuse to eat - guess it will take some time for her to adjust to the food. She also tends to walk longer and seems to enjoy it too - not like before when she will stubbornly sit down and refuse to budge.

Before I went to the 2nd session on 20th June 2007, Pepper was not feeling well. She vomited in the morning. When I came back after the session, she still looked a bit tired and had no appetite.

But after an hour or so she was well and her appetite came back. Till then she has been active and happy playing after her meals and before bed time. Even my husband notice a change in her behavior - no more the 'lazy stubborn dog'!

Her health also improved otherwise we need to bring her to the vet almost every month because of her skin allergy. Thank you so much for introducing me to this Animal Talk. Hope more people will bring their pets to this natural healing.

More Success Stories... Distance Sessions

BodyTalk Distance Session: Emotional Upheaval and Depression

My aunt was suffering from multiple issues, including bacterial infection, insomnia, compulsive behavior and depression.

She was unable to function in her work and her daily routine, and had consulted with medical professionals. However, the medication was not helping as much as expected and was also developing rashes as a side effect.

Irene conducted a distant healing session for her, and helped her manage the sub-subconscious issues, calm down her nervous system and set up a maintenance Bodytalk access protocol to run daily to assist her healing.

My aunt was able to improve in her condition and was able to continue with her daily activities as usual a week after the session. She is currently still undergoing regular distant healing session with Irene, and is pleased with the progress of healing.

Distance Session saved my Life

Distance sessions are "just as accurate"

Distance session: Spot-on and impactful

Distance session: Effective and stress-free
Distance session: while abroad


Distance session: Cyst in baby's brain

Distance session: Cyst "burst" 1-day after session

Distance session: never failed me

Distance session: Put words into what I'm exactly going through all these years

So thankful that after the BodyTalk session, Irene is able to “translate” or put words into what I'm exactly going through all these years. 

Also understood now, why I so easily influenced or affected by others’ “negative emotions”. 

Not that I am weak or susceptible to external triggers, but because my body’s coping mechanism has been “programmed” to protect me when it detects or perceive there’s danger in the environment. 

So, it releases stress hormones like cortisol (fight and flight mechanism), as way to keep me safe; and not merely because I am absorbing anything in the environment. 

As the session has helped me internally, it also empowers me to be better every day. 

Sharing this story hoping it can reach-out and help someone out there encountering with similar situation. 

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