Detect, Protect and Recover from Burnout

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12 Dec 2021 (Sunday)
2:00pm to 3:00pm (GMT +8)
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What does it take to turn your STRESSFUL CAREER & LIFE around?

JOIN US in a 45-60 min session to learn...

3-ways you can Power-up your recovery, from feeling burnt out!

✔ Are you SICK AND TIRED of your job?

✔ Do you feel like you HARDLY HAVE TIME to rest ever since Work-from-Home (WFH) arrangements began?

✔ Or do you FEEL GUILTY for sleeping an extra hour because you could have spent the time on a report that's due tomorrow?

Whichever question you answered "Yes!" to,
Dr. Charmaine Lee has been there before and she understands your struggles.

She will share with you, how she MASTERED ways to PROTECT herself from burnout!

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Charmaine Lee

"5 years ago, I found myself stuck in a fast-paced job, juggling many important projects in a terribly under-staffed team, and reporting to multiple managers who DEMANDED MORE THAN100% OF MY TIME simultaneously.

This meant that I often dragged my EXHAUSTED body to the office the very next morning without having slept the previous night at all."

~ Dr Charmaine Lee

Does this sound somewhat like you?

My greatest wish is that you won't have to suffer unnecessarily like I did.

Because the effects of such a harmful work environment soon led to a multitude of problems for me at work, and took a toll on my PHYSICAL and MENTAL HEALTH.

  • I started to become easily AGITATED and IMPATIENT in my day-to-day interactions with my family members.
  • I started to develop unexplained, random HEADACHES when my alarm rings in the morning or 1-2 hours before lunch. The 1st thing that comes to mind every morning is not "What should I accomplish today?" but "SHOULD I REPORT SICK TODAY?"
  • I started to DREAD the sight of my desk and tried to be away from my seat for as long as I could, only to have my bosses question me about my whereabouts after that because I have been UNRESPONSIVE to their emails and calls.
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Career burnout is real and the consequences are really nasty.

Unfortunately for me, I DIDN'T REALISE that I was experiencing burnout in my job, and so I SUFFERED IN SILENCE for more than a year.

And fortunately for me, as more colleagues left the team, I finally decided one day that I've had enough of the RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF WORK that was being piled on me and the UNREASONABLE DEADLINES that I had to meet.

There are many workers who can replace me in my job, but I CAN'T REPLACE MY BODY AND RELATIONSHIPS.

Having experienced the NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES of BURNOUT, I have become more AWARE of the SIGNS of burnout. Although work in my subsequent jobs were also stressful, I have MASTERED ways to PROTECT myself from burnout.

Therefore, we would like to invite you to join us in this 45-min session and we will share the following with you:

(i) How to spot burnout at work

(ii) 3 ways to protect yourself or recover from burnout

These 60 minutes could be the start of your journey to turn your career and life around!

3 ways to Protect yourself from Burnout

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