3-Step Roadmap To Restorative Sleep

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30 June 2022 (Thur)
7:30pm to 9:00pm (GMT +8)
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Strategies to wake up fresh and end the day feeling accomplished!

Start with short-term solution and transition into long-term resolution to achieve deeper sleep

Lack of restorative sleep and sleep deficiency can significantly impact your health, relationships, outlook (weight management), mental and emotional wellbeing.


So you don't have to constantly feel fatigued, stressed, depressed or generally moody. Which affects creativity, focus and optimal performance in various ares in your life.


Allows you to wake up refreshed and rested, to do what you intended to, optimally and passionately.

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  • How to recognise signs and the "root-cause" of why someone lack restorative sleep.


  • Begin with short-term action that will help you transit into long-term solutions to overcome poor sleep quality, cumulation of sleep-debt, morning fatigue, low energy, poor immune functions, minimise stress when faced with challenges. So you can regain quality and sleep deeply like a baby again.


  • Identify a simple first step that allows you to commit to a personalised sleep routine and make bedtime a priority to achieve deeper sleep.

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