BreakFree From 5 Destructive Stress-Traps

Using our E.A.S.I. System  !

Online workshop via Zoom

26 Jan 2022 (Wednesday)
7:30pm to 9:00pm (GMT +8)


BreakFree from 5 Destructive Stress-Traps, Using our E.A.S.I. System

Free yourself from these traps soonest possible for the impact is so vast, that it is almost unimaginable!!!.

For example:

  • Extremely slow in recovery or fall sick too easily because an Immune System under-stress, struggles to re-build itself.


  • Prone to procrastination resulted from feeling pressured or suppressed especially during teenage years.


  • Constantly feel insecure or difficult to trust others, due to lack of appropriate support and encouragement when needed, in early life interactions !!!
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 Join this event if you ...


  • Want to help free your body from invisible chains of stress, so it's able to recover fully from old injuries, emotional trauma, and/or limiting beliefs bondages !


  • Want to know how to prevent chronic illness and/or mental distress from recurring, without over-reliance on "medications" !


  • Want to learn how the E.A.S.I. System can help your body from within, to maintain optimal health and wellbeing !

During this webinar, I will reveal how our E.A.S.I. SYSTEM can help you BreakFree from invisible chains, so you can:

Face obstacles life throws at you, instead of barely coping with stress.

Adapt to the constant and inevitable changes in your environment, when your body isn't paralysed by irrational fears, worries and guilt.

✔ Cultivate inner calmness to thrive in any form of chaos, after you've leant how to align your Body-Mind-Emotions congruently.

breakfree stress


✔ In this webinar, you will learn the psychological definition of the word --- "stress". So you'll have a choice, to start healing and gradually breakfree from them.


✔ I will reveal 5 stress traps, so you can recognise which stress-mode is your body is most susceptible to, and what can be done about it.


✔ Find out how our E.A.S.I. SYSTEM can help your bodymind breakfree from being unconsciously trapped in stress.


        E xit from coping-mechanism (fight & flight mode)

        A from stress addictions (habits & conditionings)

        S upport absorption of nutrients & elimination of toxins

        I nstall healthy (emotional & relationship) boundaries


So you can regain health and wellbeing; slowly yet surely!!!

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I don't want to be inhibited from recovering fully from old injuries, recurring ailments, mental distress and emotional trauma!

To be free from invisible chains, to maintain optimal wellbeing, build meaning relationships and success in wealth-related pursuits!

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